LDMS – new office move

LDMS has achieved a further milestone in their journey as they moved to their new office in Cardiff in April. The office in the newly-refurbished Southgate House building has been chosen for its central location, easy for potential clients to visit as well as being just a short distance from Cardiff Central station so convenient for team members to get to work and to help attract the best talent from a wider commutable area, reaching from Swansea to Bristol.

The office has been designed with modern agile software development in mind. Each bank of desks is dedicated to each multiskilled team, with development, quality assurance, analysis and product all sitting together. This is supported by real time status boards on the wall which helps focus on the simple goal of delivering more software, of higher quality, more often.

The office is also setup with breakout areas to allow teams flexibility in how they work, lots of whiteboards to help design the solutions for our customers and, the most important factor in any technology company, super-fast internet.

This is a big step forward for LDMS and allows the company to move faster, deliver more and have a real impact on the day to day activities for everyone in the group. The new office will also allow LDMS to grow, attracting the best talent around and furthering our ability to win new external customers.

Picture of the LDMS Team after moving to the new office

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