Engage | Motor Finance

Highly configurable multi-product support with multiple integration channels, all in a single seamless interface


Engage | Motor Finance

Highly configurable multi-product support with multiple integration channels, all in a single seamless interface

A sophisticated, motor finance servicing solution for businesses looking to manage the full contract lifecycle from activation through to settlement, maturity or termination.


Complete Contract Management

Engage readily presents all contractual information to ensure rapid response to any customer enquiry or requirement

  • Portfolio Management - The creation and management of multiple portfolios and the relevant configuration to allow you to better support, manage and report on specific groups of funders or products
  • Repayment Schedules - Full calculation and visibility on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual repayment schedules
  • Functionality to defer repayments, pause interest or reschedule where needed
  • Automated settlement quotations compliant with the local regulations

Repayment & Cash Management

Engage has a complete cash management solution

  • The ability to handle multiple bank accounts and payment methods, and to generate direct debit files as XML or extract files for quicker middleware integration with your chosen provider
  • Real time bank account verification
  • Supports a variety of merchant services for Debit Card payments and Faster Payments

CRM & Arrears Management

A complete suite of tools for managing arrears in line with policies and approved procedures

  • Management of all contact information and historical data points – including full audit trail which allows a complete customer view
  • Automated arrears management process routes cases based on delinquency values and time in arrears
  • Automated contact strategy functionality allows you to decide how, when and by what method to contact your customers

Document Management

A completely integrated document management system ensures the information required is always at your fingertips

  • Create, store and view all documents throughout the life cycle of the finance agreement

Customer Portal

Engage features a completely integrated customer portal to allow for a high level of customer self service.

  • With a branded customer portal you can increase customer satisfaction and driving down administrative cost

Adaptive Reporting

Extensive reporting suite allows for data export or on-screen viewing of portfolio performance, productivity and arrears

  • Enhance your risk management with a broad set of reports focused on aged debt and ability to monitor asset valuations
  • Comprehensive activity reporting
  • General Ledger - for the production of accounting information with an easy export for processing off-system or for integration with your accounting package

User Management

Full user authentication with security at the forefront

  • Full role based access control
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Detailed entitlements and fine grained access control

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