Collect | Integrated Debt Collection

Highly configurable, seamless, integrated interface for maximising recoveries whilst delivering a fair customer outcome


Collect | Integrated Debt Collection

Highly configurable, seamless, integrated interface for maximising recoveries whilst delivering a fair customer outcome

Collect can be integrated with Engage or you existing CRM solution to provide a comprehensive collections solution whether you are focused on managing early stage delinquency or recoveries across the longer term.


CRM & Arrears Management

Collect has a complete suite of tools for managing arrears processes in line with your policies and the customer journey central to the approach

  • Management of all contact information and historical data points including a complete audit trail allows you to see full customer history in user friendly screens
  • Sophisticated contact management functionality drives the right contact method for the customer by phone, SMS, email, voice to landline or letter
  • Highly configurable work flows to allow for segmentation and workout by product, by status or by customer type
  • Monitors repayment plans and issues both SMS and emails to prompt and chase for payment allowing your agents to focus on more valued added task

Customer Self-Service Portal

Collect's self-serve web portal allows customers to interact at a time and pace that suits them, as well as ensuring that customers who have accessibility issues with telephony-only contact centres are treated fairly

  • Fully managed registration, activation and on-going use
  • Configurable & customisable branding and features
  • Allows for 24/7 servicing, lowering costs and inbound customer volumes for balance checking, setting up direct debits and completing a Financial Statement

Financial Statements

Budgeting modules can be both agent and/or customer led, allowing for a breakdown of income and outgoings to be collected and assessed as regulations require and ensuring that agreed payments are both affordable and fair

  • Complete capture of the customer’s financial position
  • Scheduled periodic re-assessment
  • Audited, clear and fair collections affordability process

Integrated to Key Suppliers

Collect allows for easy integration and interaction to 3rd party systems

  • PCI DSS compliant card processing with multiple merchant service providers and Direct Debit integration, with real time bank account verification
  • Seamless transition to legal enforcement for recovery purposes with a legal module allowing for the processing of claims through the bulk issuing centre
  • API calls to the leading credit bureau for credit scoring, income validation and address change capture
  • Incorporates functionality to support, customer insolvency, placement of accounts with Debt Collection agencies and Debt Sale

Document Management

A completely integrated document management system ensures the appropriate information is readily accessible whenever required

  • Create, store and view all documents throughout the lifecycle of the finance agreement
  • Realtime online access increases efficiency and improves customer satisfaction
  • Instant access provides realtime clarification for any customer questions

Adaptive Reporting

  • Integrated reporting on portfolio performance, productivity and arrears based on a wide suite for data export or on-screen viewing

User Management

Collect provides full user authentication and authorisation with security at the forefront

  • Full role-based access control
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Detailed entitlements and fine-grained access control