Windows XP End of Life Countdown

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Do you still rely on Windows XP?

Microsoft has announced the official end of support for the Windows XP Operating System

As of April 8, 2014:

x No Operating System Security Patches

x No Operating System Application Updates

With the announcement of the end-of-life of Windows XP, Microsoft has started to sunset the official support of all versions of the Windows XP Operating Systems. This puts businesses at risk from a security and compliance perspective. Unless organizations choose to pay the high cost for out-of-band support, their XP systems will be at risk and vulnerable to attack.

Without patches, malware authors will most certainly find ways to exploit XP vulnerabilities and the consequences can be severe.

Bit9 can extend the security window and protect XP machines past the EOL by hardening the system to only the known good functions on that endpoint

  • Extend the support and security of legacy software and hardware
  • Maintain a full audit trail of everything happening on endpoints/server
  • Gain real-time compliance risk measurement and reporting
  • Reduce costs associated with extended support contracts and hardware upgrades
  • Consolidate your enterprise security tool stack

Join us Tuesday, January 21st @ 2:00 EST for a webinar presented by Bit9’s Chris Strand to talk about application control and memory protection and explain how Bit9 provides a positive security solution to protect your XP systems beyond end of support.

Join Us Tuesday, January 21st!

Webinar presented by: Chris Strand, PCIP Security Compliance Practice Manager

January 21, 2014
2:00 pm EST

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