ClearData Console: Simple and seamless for your entire IT team

on October 15, 2014 Upcoming Events with 0 comments

Use your existing LANDESK infrastructure to enable each member of your team to fulfill LANDESK based tasks.

ClearData Console is perfect for departments with different levels of LANDESK admins, and can be operated by any IT worker – no advanced LANDESK training required! Powerful yet simple, ClearData Console is a quick and easy-to-use web console that supports workflow across departments by executing process-oriented and customizable workflows using an intuitive interface.

Why you NEED ClearData:

  • can be operated by any IT worker – no training of LANDESK required
  • reduction of the time necessary for routine tasks, thus more IT freedom for the really important things
  • ideal for multiple remote locations
  • makes your existing system more easily accessible to your entire IT team, no matter the level


Join us for a LIVE TECHNICAL DEMO on Tuesday, October 28th, where we’ll show you how ClearData Console integrates with your current LANDESK infrastructure to make your job easier. Space is limited.

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