Create Model Attributes for Data Analytics

on October 7, 2014 NAI Blog with 0 comments

Create Model Attributes for Simple Data Organization

Do you have data that you want to import in inventory from a csv file of B2B connector, but you lack the correct attributes or groups? By creating model attributes in LANDESK Data Analytics, you can simply and easily organize your data the way you would like to see it.



1. Select Data Translation Services from Data Analytics. On the tool bar select Model Attributes.



2. In the new table information section enter in the Component and Table Name, then select Add.



3. In the Define Attribute dialog box, name the attribute in the Name and Column boxes, make any other changes necessary, then select OK.



4. Select the Model Now button



5. You should see a successful message in the Mapping Unmodeled Data Progress. Select OK and you’re finished.



By creating your own attributes in LANDESK Data Anlytics, you have the ability to customize what you see and organize you data in ways to make your life easier. If you have csv files and data from B2B Connectors that you want to add to inventory, taking a few minutes to create these custom attributes can save you time going forward.

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