Total User Management

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Total User Management:

Cross-platform flexibility | No device limits | Single price per user

User-Oriented IT: Maximize User Productivity, Simplify IT Operations

Users Stay Productive

Users are evolving—and so are the devices they carry. The way you empower your users with the tools, apps, data and services they need for the job—and how you work with them—either boosts user productivity and IT efficiency or introduces more chaos.

Don’t Solve Chaos with More Chaos

Establishing a genuine, user-oriented IT management system that works for your organization is a challenge. And one thing is certain. Piecing together numerous point solutions from multiple vendors only compounds the chaos your administrators experience, plus it prevents a single, clear view of your IT operations and a consistent experience for your users.

What’s needed is an integrated solution that simplifies the IT operations and enables greater user productivity while safeguarding data and meeting service level requirements.

LANDESK Helps You Complete the Picture

What are your organization’s top priorities as you contemplate a user-oriented IT management system? Perhaps you’re wanting to:

  1. Have IT information in context for the right decision makers
  2. Manage more of the devices and platforms employees use to do their jobs
  3. Deliver anywhere the software, patches, operating systems and services users prefer
  4. Increase security, meet industry compliance, optimize hardware and reduce power costs
  5. Provide support services that are controlled, consistent and integrated with business processes
  6. Speed service restoration; accelerate incident-to-resolution time and problem management to identify root cause, and reduce recurring Incidents
  7. Improve service continuity, reliability and quality; reduce service interruptions; understand the impact of changes
  8. Empower end users, reduce overhead, introduce self service and service catalogues
  9. Boost customer satisfaction, set and meet service level expectations, enhance communication, enrich the user experience
  10. Mature and continually improve IT Service Management for the benefit of users by adopting best practices such as ITIL or moving to the cloud.

Below you’ll discover how the Secure User Management Suite and Total User Management approach from LANDESK help you maximize user productivity and simplify IT operations by reducing cost, complexity and risk.

Problems Solved

  • Software Distribution
  • Software License Monitoring
  • Minimizing System Management Infrastructure
  • Device Configuration
  • Password/Security
  • Device and Platform Diversity
  • Policy-Based Management
  • Self Service & Service Catalogues
  • BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)
  • Remote Lock/Wipe
  • Application and Device Blocking
  • OS Migrations
  • Data Disparity
  • Incident and Problem Resolution
  • IT Change Management
  • Adoption of ITIL Best Practices


Supported Devices/Operating Systems

  • Windows Legacy Systems
  • Windows 7 and 8
  • Apple OS X, including Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Google Android (2.x and later)
  • Blackberry
  • Palm OS Phones and Devices
  • Microsoft Phone 7
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets
  • Dell Tablets
  • Other Google Android-based Tablets
  • Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid


The IT Picture is Clearer when the Pieces Fit Together

IntelligentWhen it comes to questions, answers and decisions, everyone from the business executive to the IT administrator should have the right information to act quickly, provide strategic direction, or communicate information effectively that keeps users informed about the performance of their services and support.
ChoicesHaving the right tool for the job makes life easier—for IT and for users. Users today are choosing more of the tools and devices to be productive, plus they’re assuming greater responsibility for resolving their IT support issues. LANDESK solutions enable you to manage more users, access more services, offer more support channels, make users more self-reliant and choose from more devices and platforms. In addition, administrators can choose where and how they want to manage their LANDESK solutions; on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid approach.
DeliverYou’ll know it fits when you have the flexibility to deliver what users need, wherever they are. This means being able to act immediately on decisions and automating the delivery of software, patches, operating systems, services and support 24/7 through self service and service catalogues to any user anywhere. It’s even a better fit when it leverages the distributed infrastructure you already have.
ControlMore user choice doesn’t mean less control, especially with LANDESK user-oriented management solutions. In fact, when it comes to endpoint security on users’ devices, these solutions provide greater control.Automating service management processes reduces human error and introduces more control. In addition, establishing IT change management reduces the risk of service disruption and decreases the impact on users. Managing your software licenses and assets throughout the lifecycle and delivering services by entitlement adds control, plus you can easily optimize your hardware while controlling your power costs.
ServicesDelivering and maintaining the services users want—tied to IT processes and policy—makes users more productive. Integrating your service desk with IT operations accelerates service restoration, reduces downtime, enables more process automation, allows IT teams to collaborate effectively, and helps IT interact with users in a fast, friendly manner. LANDESK starts you on your ITSM journey to support your end users—everything from baseline incident management and extending as your requirements grow; then onto mature processes like change management to control and secure your environment with the added ability to adopt best practices such as ITIL.

Completing Your IT Puzzle

Secure User Management SuiteThe LANDESK Secure User Management Suite brings together all the pieces of management intelligence; any user–any device–anywhere management; software, patch and OS delivery; plus the added control of endpoint security, software license management, compliance reporting, power management and hardware optimization. This bundled solution includes LANDESK Management Suite, LANDESK Security Suite with Patch Manager, LANDESK Mobility Manager, LANDESK Data Analytics, LANDESK SmartVue, and LANDESK Process Manager.
Total User ManagementThe LANDESK Total User Management approach enhances the functionality of Secure User Management Suite, with the added capabilities of Service Management and Asset Lifecycle Management for service improvement, additional control, intelligence and customer experience management to provide even greater business value.

With an integrated solution from LANDESK, you’ll be better equipped to manage, secure, support and maximize productivity for any user, anywhere, using any device or application. Contact us to start your free trial or for more information.

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