Software Packaging Services

Distributing, installing, updating and uninstalling software applications are common tasks in the enterprise. Using the certified Network America consulting team to manage large and complex software packing projects will help free up time and resources for other pressing IT projects.

You can rest assured our team will get the job done securely and quickly, with minimum impact to end users.

What we offer on site, as well as remotely:

Uninstalling MSI and EXE-based Software
In addition to installation of Windows software, LANDESK Management Suite also provides an ability to uninstall the MSI or EXE software applications that are installed. Allowing you to remove unneeded software as well as reclaim software licenses for reuse.
Scheduled Software Deployment
A scheduled task will be created for the software package. Based on the requirements set forth by you the task will be set to deploy the software to the devices during the appropriate hours.
Pre-Deployment Activities
For ensuring a smooth and successful software deployment, the NAI Engineer will use the options you established to validate a set of conditions before a software installation/ uninstallation. The pre-deployment activities include checking for previous software versions, running processes of dependent executables, free disk space etc.
Software Repository
Software repositories are used to store software packages. A software package added to the repository will have the location of the installation files along with the installation and uninstallation commands.