Software License Asset Management: Reduce software license costs and ensure audit preparedness.

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Quickly and easily get a true picture of license usage across the business, deliver immediate savings, and make software license asset management simple.

Software License Asset Management from LANDESK is a solution that promises:

  • Improve visibility of your assets throughout your lifecycle – starting at time of acquisition
  • Monitor standard software EULAs as well as SaaS URLs
  • Reclaim and reassign software based on usage
  • Reduce the costs related to overbuying licenses
  • Gain better information for licensing negotiations
  • Reduce risk and financial implications of software audits

Learn more about the LANDESK products that make software license asset management simple.

Advanced Data Analytics for IT Asset Management


Imagine all your asset information available in a way that made asset decisions easier. Use LANDESK Data Analytics to gain a better view of all your assets, where they are, and how they’re being utilized. And avoid the hefty financial penalties of software licensing mistakes.

LANDESK Data Analytics Capabilities

B2B Connectors
Import data automatically from vendors, resellers, manufacturers, and service providers from the moment you purchase an asset.

Track IT Assets
See all assets throughout their lifecycle—from purchase, to location, to when it’s time to retire the asset.

Data Normalization
Clean and normalize data so it’s easy to understand and useful in business processes and IT decision-making.

Software License Asset Management
Understand how your licenses and software are being used, optimize your licensing costs, and be ready for a software audit at any time.

Printer Management
View information about printers— their location, ink or toner levels, and when it’s time to service each printer.

Executive Reporting
Share information through a reporting portal on any browser about your assets, their state, and your software compliance.


Build a Better Software Asset Management Process in Three Steps

Software License Asset Management (SLAM) white papers:

Part 1Five Steps to Reduce Software License Costs and Ensure Audit Preparedness
Part 2Preparing for Software Compliance Audits
Part 3Structuring SLAM to Solve Business Challenges

Download the LANDESK Data Analytics data sheet

Maximize Your Investment in SCCM


LANDESK Data Analytics for Microsoft System Center extends SCCM to include software license and asset management with vendor, manufacturer and purchasing data. It helps you:

  • Enable audit readiness
  • Reduce software license cost
  • Automate inventory, auditing and reporting processes
  • Aggregate manufacturer and reseller data via the cloud
  • Control hardware inventory, including PCs, routers, scanners, and printers
  • Improve decision-making through reports, dashboards and an executive mobile app

Benefits & Capabilities

Why LANDESK Data Analytics for Microsoft Systems Center

Data Analytics for Microsoft System Center consolidates the functionality of several add-on products into a single decision-making solution. It provides IT organizations with the following benefits:

Aggregate manufacturer, vendor and reseller data – Experience a complete view of all your software and IT assets and all related data using Cloud Aggregators that connect with vendor, manufacturer and reseller acquisition data

Share analytical data to support processes and decision making – Having the correct information at the right time, on any device, drives confidence in the data and accurate decisions

Control software licenses – Organizations need better visibility into software and asset lifecycles, effective licensing and ownership, now you can reduce the costs and risks associated with software license management

Manage hardware lifecycles – Make better decisions within the hardware lifecycle when you know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re performing and the way they’re being used

Here’s What LANDESK Data Analytics for Microsoft Systems Center Can Do

LANDESK Data Analytics for Microsoft Systems Center delivers a unique set of capabilities, which include:

  • Software License Management
  • Agentless Infrastructure
  • Cloud Aggregators, such as:
    • Private Data Aggregators
    • Vendor Data Aggregators
    • Reseller Data Aggregators
    • Manufacturer Data Aggregators
  • Asset Data Updates
  • Data Normalization
  • Data Standardization
  • Data Mapping Intelligence
  • Data Calculations
  • EULA Analytics
  • SmartVue Executive App
  • Barcode Scanner Integration
  • SNMP Discovery
  • Printer Management
  • Active Charts and Graphs

Asset Management Tracking Software

Account for Assets and Ensure Their Effective Use


Automate Asset Workflows

Gain operational control and reduce risks by automating your workflows with LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager.

What is Asset Lifecycle Manager?

Asset Lifecycle Manager helps you drive both human processes and execute tasks in any network-accessible application. Boost efficiency and centralize control through automated responses to requests or events. Keep stakeholders informed of changes and connect tasks across operational silos and their unique applications

Capabilities of LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager

Automated workflows
A feature-rich automation and process control engine supports and drives data integration, ITAM automation, and IT governance.

Structured asset data
Aggregate data from service desks, finance programs, systems management and more. Changes to data in one system can trigger automated updates to the data repository.

Asset relationship mapping
Visualize an asset’s lifecycle. Map the assets in your environment and how they relate to each other. Use lifecycle state changes to trigger automated workflows.

Immediate access to current, accurate asset data enables your business management, financial, and IT staff to provide more effective service.