AppSense Performance Manager

AppSense Performance Manager

Maximize investments and ensure consistent performance

AppSense Performance Manager helps IT teams deliver a highly responsive desktop to users while also reducing hardware costs.


Performance Manager lets IT teams:

  • Ensure consistent application behavior, even in shared environments
  • Improve user density by more than 40%
  • Improve hardware lifecycles

AppSense Performance Manager keeps businesses moving by ensuring users are productive. You’ll guarantee:

  • A consistent user experience
  • Mission critical applications have the resources they need
  • Increased user productivity

Smooth, Consistent Performance

Performance Manager allows IT to deliver a smooth, seamless response from the environment and a productive working experience for the user by:

  • Stopping run-away processes in troublesome applications
  • Dynamically reacting to changing demands by reallocating system resources

Improve User Density and Hardware Lifecycles

Whether your goal is maximizing user density in a shared user environment, optimizing server-based applications in the datacenter, or increasing your PC hardware lifecycle, Performance Manager can help you with:

  • Freeing up RAM through memory trimming, dramatically increasing user density and extending the life of PCs
  • Allocating CPU and memory resources in accordance to business policy

Simplicity and Convenience

Performance Manager has been developed for flexibility and scalability. In addition to default configurations that manage a wide-variety of environments, you’ll get:

  • Integrations with Microsoft System Center
  • Application Discovery Mode
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Beyond Performance Management

Performance Manager eliminates tactical pain points like poor application performance. It also fits in with your broader UEM strategy, helping with strategic desktop projects, such as:

  • Desktop Transformation
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Hardware Refresh, Break-fix & Recovery

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