AppSense Environment Manager


On-demand personalization and fine-grained, contextual policy control

AppSense Environment Manager gives IT teams a powerful, new approach for personalizing user desktops on-demand and helps protect endpoints with contextual policy control.


Environment Manager helps IT teams:

  • Replace slow and corruption-prone roaming profiles with a just-in-time user personalization approach that’s fast and ultra-reliable.
  • Reduce logon script and Microsoft Group Policy Object complexity with a powerful, easy-to-use policy engine that adapts desktop configuration based on user context.

Users can roam between physical PCs, remote desktop session hosts, virtual desktops, and cloud-hosted desktops with:

  • Lightning-fast logon times
  • A fully personalized desktop experience, regardless of location or device
  • A secure desktop environment that adapts based on user context

On-Demand Personalization

Environment Manager gives users a personalized desktop by:

  • Capturing all user-specific customizations to the operating system and applications as they happen.
  • Bringing this “user DNA” to a central management framework.
  • Delivering personalization to user desktop sessions on a just-in-time basis.

Fine-grain, contextual policy control

  • Enforce policy real-time throughout the user session, not just at login
  • Help meet corporate and industry-based compliance mandates such as HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI
  • Multiple policies are processed in parallel for the best possible user experience.

Unmatched Power and Granularity

Environment Manager also has the granularity to meet the needs of the most demanding desktop environments. Powerful features include:

  • Automated profile import
  • Turn-key policy wizards
  • Personalization snapshotting and rollback
  • Custom conditions and actions
  • File and folder management
  • Offline mode
  • OS and application feature lockdown, including Windows 10
  • Self-service tools for users

Simplicity at Every Turn

Environment Manager eliminates tactical pain points like slow logon times, but it’s actually much more. Once you unlock users from machines and manage them independently, all of your strategic desktop projects get easier. Discover how you can leverage the AppSense platform to solve:

  • Physical-to-virtual migrations
  • PC refresh and break/fix
  • Operating system upgrades and migrations

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