AppSense DataNow

AppSense DataNow

Simple, secure user data management

AppSense DataNow gives users simple and secure access to their files from any device. But DataNow is not just another corporate Dropbox knock-off.


Unlock new value from your existing storage. DataNow ensures that:

  • IT has complete control over where files are stored. DataNow integrates with existing file servers and document systems like SharePoint.
  • Users have the same simple, ubiquitous file access experience they expect, without the risks of consumer cloud service.
  • Existing access controls are enforced while adding an extensive collection of additional policy and auditing capabilities for IT.
  • A complete, fully personalized workspace follows users wherever they go, integrating seamlessly with AppSense Environment Manager.

Works with Existing Storage

DataNow isn’t about selling you more storage in the data center or in the cloud. It’s about making what you have easier–and more secure–to use in today’s multi-device work environments. DataNow does that by:

  • Integrating with your existing Active Directory environment to establish baseline user data access entitlements.
  • Giving users a simple, unified method of accessing home directories, file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, and WebDAV servers from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web.

As a turn-key virtual appliance, DataNow can be deployed in your data center in minutes. Instantly unlock more use out of your existing storage.

Simple and Convenient for Users

Users simply crave simplicity and reliability. DataNow brings this to your existing storage through:

  • Intuitive, native applications for every device.
  • End-to-end security that doesn’t force users to jump through VPN hoops.
  • Ultra-reliable file synchronization.
  • No requirement to migrate data or change existing workflows.

Secure by Design

With DataNow, simplicity for users doesn’t come at the expense of information security. Out-of-the-box security measures include:

  • Full awareness and enforcement of native security controls.
  • 256-bit AES encryption of data in transit.
  • Encryption at rest on untrusted mobile devices.
  • An extensive collection of data access policy enforcement controls.
  • Extensive logging auditing capabilities that are fully compatible with AppSense Insight and other third party analytics tools.

Part of Comprehensive UEM Approach

DataNow integrates fully with AppSense Environment Manager to allow all aspects of the user workspace to roam seamlessly across physical PCs, virtual desktops, and the cloud. This industry-first integration of user data management into a broader UEM solution delivers:

  • A more reliable and user-friendly alternative to Microsoft Offline Files.
  • Fully automated migration from physical to virtual or to new operating system versions.
  • Significant IT time and complexity reductions for common workflows like break/fix and PC refresh.


AppSense DataNow

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