AppSense Application Manager

AppSense Application Manager

Pragmatic Endpoint Security that Puts Users First

AppSense Application Manager gives IT teams unprecedented endpoint control that reduces security risk without degrading user experience.


Unlike point privilege management products, Application Manager plays a key role in your broader UEM strategy by:

  • Managing user privileges at a granular level and allowing for optional self-elevation when exceptions occur.
  • Preventing unauthorized code execution and enforcing software licensing through our unique “trusted ownership” model, as well as traditional whitelisting and blacklisting.

Application Manager keeps IT security requirements in balance with user productivity needs, delivering:

  • Substantial endpoint security gains through least privilege and application control
  • Increased corporate compliance
  • Improved platform stability and consistency
  • Significant reductions in both IT support and software licensing costs
  • Better satisfaction and a feeling of control for users

User-First Least Privilege

Application Manager allows IT to adhere to least privilege principle by:

  • Applying just the right level of granular administrative rights with little or no negative impact on users’ workflows.
  • Allowing optional self-elevation based on pre-defined algorithms.
  • Capturing all privilege- and application-related endpoint data to analyze how policies align with real-world business needs.

Manageable Application Control

With traditional application control approaches, the biggest challenges are IT manageability and user experience. AppSense mitigates threats without making IT manually manage extensive lists and without creating obstacles to user productivity. Manageable application control ensures that:

  • IT can enforce corporate security policy defined per-user or based on contextual factors such as location, device name, IP address, network settings, or time of day.
  • Trusted ownership allows only applications introduced by trusted administrators to execute. This minimizes administration time without compromising security, performance, or user experience.
  • IT costs are reduced by provisioning, tracking and enforcing software licensing and maintaining close alignment with the “gold image,” even as users install applications and customize their workspaces.

The Power to Meet Enterprise Demands

In addition to delivering the privilege management and application control fundamentals better than anyone else, Application Manager offers a broad set of features to address advanced enterprise use cases, including:

  • Application limits and time restrictions.
  • Application network access control.
  • URL redirection and granular control over web-based application installation.
  • Extensive anti-tampering, change control, and auditing capabilities.
  • User self-service capabilities.

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