AppSense Application Manager

Pragmatic Endpoint Security that Puts Users First

AppSense Application Manager gives IT teams unprecedented endpoint control that reduces security risk without degrading user experience.

AppSense DataNow

Simple, secure user data management

AppSense DataNow gives users simple and secure access to their files from any device. But DataNow is not just another corporate Dropbox knock-off.


On-demand personalization and fine-grained, contextual policy control

AppSense Environment Manager gives IT teams a powerful, new approach for personalizing user desktops on-demand and helps protect endpoints with contextual policy control.

AppSense Insight

Unprecedented visibility into endpoints

AppSense Insight is a virtual appliance with a web-based console that enables granular endpoint data collection for informed analysis and decision making.

AppSense Performance Manager

Maximize investments and ensure consistent performance

AppSense Performance Manager helps IT teams deliver a highly responsive desktop to users while also reducing hardware costs.