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IT Operations Analytics from Nexthink

What is IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)?

When something goes wrong on your network, how do you know where it started, and why?

The [traditional] tools present us with the raw data, and lots of it, but sufficient insight into the actual meaning buried in all that data is still remarkably scarce.


IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) provides visibilty and insight into the innerworkings of your systems, allowing you the opportunity to address issues before they become widespread problems. Knowing how to use the “big data” collected by your ITOA can have a positve impact from both a technical and a business standpoint, giving you the tools you need to make the best informed decisions to increase your IT efficiency.

Why Nexthink?

As the premier provider of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and workplace transformation, Nexthink benefits your business by:

  • Mapping all of your IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating to improve ITSM functions,
  • Providing essential visibility for security, compliance, and IT governance,
  • Measuring the impact of future IT transformation projects, so you can stay on deadline and under budget.

What makes Nexthink unique is the real-time analytics of all executions and all network connections and the corresponding real-time visualization that provides new visibility and insight into what it means, in real terms, at that particular moment in time.

How it Works

The Nexthink End-user IT Analytics platform is supported by a scalable product architecture that exceeds the most demanding requirements. For instance, the French Ministry of Defense relies on Nexthink to provide real-time IT analytics for over 250,000 end-user computers making it possible to deliver highest quality IT governance, risk management and compliance.

Nexthink real-time IT analytics help IT departments develop more cost effective IT operations and support that delivers higher levels of end-user (worker) satisfaction and productivity. The Nexthink Integration Toolkit enables integrating Nexthink real-time IT analytics with other IT systems and processes.


Nexthink Collector is a 500KB passive driver that consumes less than 0.1% CPU, generates less than 150 bytes per second of traffic on the network, and needs no configuration, ever! Nexthink Collector maps all the IT services being delivered to end-users (workers) and collects all the important events and activity on the endpoints, such as, all application / binary executions, crashes and updates, all network bandwidth, failures and dropped connections, BSOD (blue screen of death), boot times, etc.

The aggregation point for events and activity from endpoints, Nexthink Engine, applies patented artificial intelligence to detect non-compliant and unusual activity, and uses self-learning to construct meaningful patterns and IT analytics, in real-time! Again, no configuration of Nexthink Engine is required. As Nexthink Engine learns, it uncovers silent or otherwise unknown issues, giving IT departments visibility into how end-users (workers) are consuming IT services and how the IT infrastructure is operating.

Finder & Portal
Nexthink Finder can run investigations across millions of endpoints and events in less than a second. The award-winning, patented real-time visualization provides heat maps, topology maps, and historical event timelines. Nexthink Portal offers a unique blend of long-running trend data and real-time data analytics, which allows for turnkey and custom reporting from a web browser.

Nexthink Library is an extensive knowledge base in the cloud that contains pre-defined investigations and dashboards to simplify operationalizing Nexthink.

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