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Nexthink Use Cases


Aller uses Nexthink to improve end-user satisfaction by using real-time monitoring and analytics for its IT infrastructure operations to identify and solve issues quickly.

  • Paradigm shift in support of end-users resulted in moving from reactive to a proactive model enabling strategic projects to be more easily planned and executed,
  • Optimized license management, desktop replacement, as well as hardware deployment through utilization of real-time data,
  • Improved end-user experience and increased uptime.

We were convinced and satisfied right away. Within a few days Nexthink was up and running, proving its ease of use, power and perfect suitability to our needs. The pilot showed
us that we had made the right choice.Jan Krohn, Aller’s IT Operations Manager

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Gulftainer selected Nexthink to deliver real-time IT analytics from the end-user perspective. Nexthink allows Gulftainer to have complete visibility of its IT environment and detect anomalies in real-time, helping the IT team continuously monitor workstation compliance and ensure alignment with Gulftainer’s IT requirements.

  • Real-time visibility of its entire IT infrastructure and endpoints
  • Standardization of hardware and software in its IT environment
  • Improve IT security posture and implement IT governance

Nexthink is a valuable asset in improving our IT security posture. We have enhanced our IT operations and support, reducing the number of incidents and simultaneously resolving problems faster.Jurageswaran Shetty, IT Security Manager, Gulftainer

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University College London Hospitals

University College London Hospitals (UCLH) selects Nexthink for greater intelligence on IT infrastructure.

UCLH provides academically-led acute and specialist healthcare services and is located in the heart of London. One of the largest NHS trusts in the UK, it turned over £840 million in 2012/13 and has contracts with over 70 commissioning bodies.

Mark Taglietti, head of ICT Service Delivery & Vendor Management at UCLH, states:

Embracing Nexthink V5 will deliver the intelligence and management reporting required to deliver improved levels of system availability, performance and service quality across our technical estate. Nexthink V5 is a unique solution, and the end-user perspective it offers of our entire IT infrastructure will help us obtain a more robust, secure and standardized IT services. Ultimately, Nexthink will allow our frontline practitioners to carry out their work more effectively, resulting in the delivery of improved patient care, patient services and patient experience.

Unfallkasse Hessen

The goal of the UKH IT Team was to reach 100% employee satisfaction. To meet this goal, they leveraged Nexthink to provide the following capabilities:

  • Access to a combination of monitoring, analytics and visualization, anytime, in real-time from the end-user’s perspective.
  • Visualize data using real-time reports and dashboards, allowing for problems to be easily observed and analyzed in terms of frequency and time.
  • Enable fast and effective searching to find network errors based on current information, allowing problems to be resolved before they get noticed by the end-users.

Through more proactive support of our end-users, we have achieved a significant improvement in quality of our service. By selecting Nexthink, the already high standards of out IT organization are optimized. In addition, we now have more opportunities to increase our performance and reduce costs.Walter Knauer, Head of IT, UKH

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Kroll Bond Rating Agency

Nexthink has greatly improved Kroll’s end-user support, enabling Kroll’s IT team to be much more proactive instead of reactive, which is a huge benefit both from a reputational and functional standpoint.

  • Visibility and end-user IT analytics to improve IT operations and support
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and reduced the amount of downtime
  • Kroll’s IT department is now recognized as a valuable and trusted partner of the business

With Nexthink, we can investigate issues in real-time, while end-users are on their machine
and we’ll know exactly what’s happened, what they’ve installed, what the status of the machine is, no matter where end-users are located. We can confidently say ‘We know what’s happening, let us help you.’ Nexthink is a game changer and a must-have for any IT
operations team.Bill Wright, CTO, Kroll Bond Ratings

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