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IT Transformation Projects

transformation-itoa-nexthinkLeading analysts report that over 90% of IT transformation projects get delayed and/or don’t deliver the expected benefits. Nexthink’s end-user perspective gives project planners and implementors the information they need to avoid costly assumptions and mistakes and to identify and resolve issues early to keep their IT projects on track.

Desktop virtualization is gaining ground in enterprises. Nexthink helps you choose your best VDI approach through end-user and infrastructure readiness assessment. With continuous performance and resource monitoring you can optimize your VDI infrastructure over time to provide your end-users the best quality of service and support available. This visibility capability on both standard and virtual environments is what you need to demonstrate the return on investment on your VDI strategy.

Nexthink helps make Windows migration projects as painless as possible by cutting length, cost and complexity at every stage of the process and typically cutting the elapsed project time in half. With Nexthink you gain full usage of your end-user infrastructure and assess its readiness for Windows migration as well as identify updates required for each business group and users.

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