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Security & Compliance

exthink maps all the application and binary executions including the destination. With Nexthink’s patented self-learning and detection of abnormal behavior you can raise the level of security risk detection and compliance on the area you need most, the end-user devices.

Nexthink continuously monitors your end-user devices to ensure compliance enforcement of company security policy and standards.

security-dashboard-itoa-nexthinkNexthink’s security solution comes with a set of predefined investigations and dashboards. It operationalizes desktop security and compliance to proactively reduce IT risks at and from the workplace with continuous alerting and auditing based on industry standards and best practices.

Nexthink’s security solution offer faster time to security (i.e., patching) and reduced operational cost (manage, find and repair), a common workplace compliance reporting and auditing for IT operations and security team, and the necessary insight view into the workplace.

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