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Improve ITSM

itsm-itoa-nexthinkLeading industry analysts report that over 50% of IT service disruption issues reported by end-users were not detected by the back-end monitoring tools. With Nexthink you can understand the quality of IT service delivered to your business end-users and be notified of issues before they start calling the help desk and more importantly diagnose and pro-actively fix the issues before more end-users are impacted.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics collects and analyzes every application, network and IT service issue (failure), enterprise-wide, which helps IT departments gain visibility into the challenges end-user (workers) face, transition from reactive to proactive management, and improve incident, problem and capacity management.

Nexthink’s ITSM solution can help you in many different ways:

  • Find root cause faster before the impact spreads
  • Find root cause from the end-user perspective
  • Reduce incidents by 35%
  • SLA metrics from your business end-user’s perspective
  • Understand the impact on business end-users
  • Close issues 60% faster

Analytics for all web & cloud applications

Nexthink V5 introduces un-matched visibility for web & cloud applications.

Nexthink-mappingAll HTTP and HTTPS requests made by any application (not only browsers) are monitored
by the new Nexthink Collector V5. For each request it computes metrics such as:

  • the incoming and outgoing traffic volume
  • the network response time
  • the web request duration
  • the protocol used
  • HTTP requests: visibility on status code including errors (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx)

Nexthink V5 brings a new Web & Cloud applications cartography in the Finder. All V5 service extensions are available for web applications, internal or cloud. In addition,
extensive privacy configuration options are available to discard specific data or make it available only to specific roles.

Tagging of cloud applications and web domains with key information, including:

  • Threat level obtained by aggregating several threat providers
  • Hosting country
  • 20 app categories (business, IT, security threat, …)

Main Benefits:

  • Real-time web and cloud applications discovery, with zero configuration:
  • All internal web applications accessed through browsers or rich clients
  • All external web domains and cloud applications accessed through browsers
  • Machines acting as web proxies
  • Web activity of any application


  • Usage patterns of web-based business applications
  • Identification of problems due to web application access with unsupported browsers or system configurations
  • Real-time monitoring of web applications, including metrics regarding performance and errors


  • Automatic detection of obsolete encryption standards
  • Access to web applications by unauthorized users
  • Large downloads/uploads of data
  • Access to insecure web domains
  • Applications accessing unwanted web content or sending data to untrusted web domains

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