Nexthink: End-user IT Analytics

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Solutions Overview

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to improve endpoint security, ITSM operations and support, and workplace transformation projects.

Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight for IT governance, risk management and compliance including the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support and security from the perspective of the end-user (worker).



Nexthink analyzes every application / binary execution and associated network connections on the endpoints to help IT departments detect non-compliant and unusual activity. Using Nexthink real-time IT analytics, IT departments can provide proof that their security policies are working properly.


Nexthink End-user IT Analytics collects and analyzes every application, network and IT service issue (failure), enterprise-wide, which helps IT departments gain visibility into the challenges end-users (workers) face, transition from reactive to proactive management, and improve incident, problem and capacity management.


Nexthink End-user IT Analytics provides a better way to plan, execute and measure the results of IT projects and missions. And Nexthink can measure the impact of any (OS, VDI, application, hardware, configuration) change that may affect end-users (workers).


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