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As Certified LANDESK engineers (CLE) our team has vast LANDESK experience, LANDESK Certifications and references. We offer both tailored on-site and remote services engagements throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Current customers/ LANDESK Health Check & Training

  • Validate your current LANDESK install health
  • Perform version upgrades
  • Provide best practices on getting more from your investment
  • Help in trouble area? Train new administrators?


New Projects

LANDESK Management Suite Installation

  • Planning
  • Install and Configure the LANDESK Core Server
  • Configure the LANDESK Agent
  • Software Distribution Process
  • Reporting / Querying Process
  • Software License Monitoring (SLM)
  • Operating System Deployment/Provisioning
  • Install Mobile Manager
  • Power Management
  • Set up Cloud Services Appliance

LANDESK Security Suite

  • Install and Configure LANDESK Patch Manager:
  • LANDESK Antivirus,
  • Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS),
  • LANDESK Firewall,
  • Windows Firewall,
  • Device Control,
  • Trusted File List

LANDESK Service Desk

  • High-level Overview and Design
  • LDSD Installation/Configuration
  • Build Self Service Portal/service catalog
  • Process workflow design

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager

  • High-level Overview and Design
  • Process workflow design
  • Custom Forms
  • Data Synchronization

LANDESK Data Analytics

  • Design Workshop
  • Install/data import
  • Configure B2B Connectors

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