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LANDESK Software is off to a busy and productive summer! With the release of LDMS v9.5.1, new Service Desk 7.6.1, and User Oriented IT – we at NAI wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest.

With the new releases and summer break, we are offering upgrade/tune-up packages on all LANDESK offerings. Whether it’s just time to rebuild the LANDESK Core or you are just looking for some specific help, NAI has custom packages available to meet your needs. Depending on your unique requirements, we offer both onsite and remote support packages.

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LANDESK v9.5 SP1 – Super Pack!

Now available LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite Version 9.5 Service Pack 1

Enhancements include:

  • LANDESK Data Analytics, which can help IT organizations reduce the risk of failing audits by effectively measuring software usage for Group Licensed software,

    What’s new in 9.5? Watch to find out!

  • LANDESK Management Suite, which now offers Automated Software License Reclamation, allowing companies to reclaim unused or underused software from systems and reducing organization software costs,
  • LANDESK Mobility Manager, which continues to offer full integration into the Management Suite console, as well as additional functions that were developed through the acquisition of Wavelink in 2012,
  • The integration of Wavelink’s Mobile Device Management technology, a key integration milestone since the acquisition of Wavelink in 2012,
  • Monitor software usage in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, along with native support for App-V software delivery.

Endpoint Security Management:

LANDESK’s tradition of excellence in endpoint security continues through a single integrated console that offers multiple layers of security through patch management, antivirus and application control ensuring organizations comply with standards such as PCI, DSS, FDCC, SCAP, FIPS, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA/HITECH. Enhancements include:

  • Upgraded LANDESK Antivirus* powered by Kaspersky Endpoint 10, which enables organizations to protect devices running Windows 8 and, new to LANDESK in 9.5 SP1, Apple Mac OS X machines,
  • Protection for “data in motion,” or data transferred from Windows clients through the Cloud Service Appliance (CSA), while staying compliant with government and industry standards,
  • Latest version of LANDESK Patch Manager, which allows administrators to set a timeframe and fine tune circumstances for permissible circumstances to patch a system,
  • HP ElitePad integration, which allows the end-user and the admin to confidently use an HP ElitePad by enabling the device to change its security posture based on the devices location,
  • Administrative “geo-fencing” an area to control how open or closed a machine should be based on its IP address or geo-location coordinates.

For additional questions on SP1 please contact your NAI LANDESK Team Member or email us at

Spotlight: LANDESK Service Desk 7.6.1 – New Features

Single sign-on for LANDESK® Mobile Self Service

V7.6.1 enables you to configure single sign-on (SSO) for Mobile Self Service using the LANDESK Secure Token Server (STS) web application. Single sign-on enables users to log in to a number of different applications using a single user name and password. For Service Desk using STS, this means that users can log in to Mobile Self Service using their Active Directory user name and password – which are typically the same credentials that they use to log on to the network.

Accessing attributes from the parent process on a collection object

You can now access attributes from the parent process on a collection’s window before the collection item is saved. For example, if you add the related Incident Title to the Incident Notes window, then the Title of the Incident appears immediately, before you save the Note.

Other enhancements include:

  • Print processes from Self Service by pressing CTRL+P.

New Release Strategy for LANDESK® Service Desk – Customers receive new features faster!

New minor releases will be made available for customers every quarter. Each quarterly release will contain a combination of bug fixes, customer-requested enhancements, new features and advancements of existing features. For on-premise customers, these upgrades are OPTIONAL and LANDESK wants to reassure customers that you only bring the upgrade on-premise if it contains features or bug fixes you are interested in.

Read more about Service Desk 7.6.1

Ask an Engineer:

Randomizing tasks in LANDESK Agent Configuration

One of the most common scenarios I see when I work with an environment that was set up without assistance is that the agent LANDESK Local Scheduler is left at the default configuration. The issue with this is that when you launch the Agent configuration tool the Local Scheduler is stamped the time of configuration on every task it performs. This can cause the LANDESK Core server to become overwhelmed and even the network to become flooded with activity. The best practice would be to at least stagger the time that each task starts. Yet even if we stagger the tasks every machine with this agent will start its tasks at the same time.

I like to take the configuration a step farther and take advantage of the scheduler’s ability to randomize its tasks. To randomize the Local Scheduler’s tasks you just need to set a time range in the Agent configuration in each location that is applicable in your environment. At minimum change this setting in the “Inventory Scanner”, “Policy Options”, and “Patch and compliance scan” sections. This configuration will randomize when the agent performs these tasks thus reducing the impact on your server and network.


LANDESK User-Oriented IT solutions

Completing Your IT Puzzle – Single Price Per User ALL Devices!

Secure User Management Suite

The LANDESK Secure User Management Suite brings together all the pieces of management intelligence; any user–any device–anywhere management; software, patch and OS delivery; plus the added control of endpoint security, software license management, compliance reporting, power management and hardware optimization.

This bundled solution includes LANDESK Management Suite, LANDESK Security Suite with Patch Manager, LANDESK Mobility Manager, LANDESK Data Analytics, LANDESK SmartVue, and LANDESK Process Manage

Total User Management

The LANDESK Total User Management approach enhances the functionality of Secure User Management Suite, with the added capabilities of Service Management and Asset Lifecycle Management for service improvement, additional control, intelligence and customer experience management to provide even greater business value.

Read more about Total User Management

Tips and Tricks: The Boolean Field

Often a client wants to add a Boolean field in many screens in various modules. There have been occasions that a client will “say” they want a True/False now, then change their minds later and want it to now read Yes/No throughout their system. While it I relatively simple to change every instance of that Boolean, it would be easier to only do this once.

The solution is to create a system object called Boolean and add that to modules and screens as needed. Now when the client wants to change from True/False to Yes/No it is simply done in that one table. And there’s no opportunity to “miss” one of these in a seldom used screen.

Service Desk Best Practices: Current Assigned Analyst

Current Assigned Analyst is important in terms of reporting, but is less important in terms of having any ticket completed. It is relatively simple to query all active tickets without regard for the current assigned analyst. However for management purposes, having a relationship between a ticket and an analyst is important. Therefore is may be valuable to make the current assigned analyst field required and having the assignment action available early in each process. Alternatively the current assignee field can be populated with the analyst creating or updating (for self-service tickets) the ticket.