LANDESK Data Analytics for SCCM


for Microsoft® System Center

Improve Decision Making, Reduce Compliance Risks, Optimize Expenses and Increase End-User Productivity

LANDESK offers a proven solution that extends System Center to include software license and asset management with vendor, manufacturer and purchasing data. Management Intelligence for Microsoft System Center consolidates the functionality of several add-on products into a single decision-making solution.

Aggregate Manufacturer, Vendor and Reseller Data

Using Cloud Aggregators that connect you with vendor, manufacturer and reseller data ensures you have a complete view of all your software and IT assets and all related data. For instance, many organizations often overbuy software licenses to be on the safe side of licensing audits and allow too many rogue hardware or software purchases that strain limited IT budgets. When you increase, simplify and clarify asset data through Cloud Aggregators you also reduce the associated risks and costs. Management Intelligence pulls together the data and reorganizes it in ways that facilitate decision making.

  • Know everything about the software and hardware you purchased; Cloud Aggregators accumulate data from all processes that influence the data you work with
  • Import vendor and warranty data automatically at time of purchase
  • Perform data analytics automatically to normalize, standardize and calculate effective software license quantities and entitlements

Share Analytical Data to Support Processes and Decision Making

Executives or IT management teams often don’t have a complete picture of IT’s value, what assets are in use and where the organization stands with compliance. You can address these issues by publishing software and hardware management reports to tablets, smartphones or any device with an Internet browser. Having the correct information at the right time drives confidence in the data and accurate decisions. The solution enables you to:

  • View charts and graphs about IT performance using the executive SmartVue app
  • See and schedule reports through a reporting portal accessed via any common Internet browser
  • Flexibly create and publish specific reports to various stakeholders

Control Software Licenses

Organizations need better visibility into software and asset lifecycles, effective licensing and ownership. Now you can manage your software licenses and reduce the costs and risks associated with software license management, including the ability to:

  • Eliminate overbuying to safeguard against vendor audits
  • Know what to buy and when to buy it, minimizing rogue purchases
  • Provide detailed and timely information for any vendor audit
  • Save money by negotiating with asset vendors more effectively

Manage Hardware Lifecycles

IT organizations don’t have the time, discipline or skills to enter all asset data about every device or application. However, when you know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re performing, and how they’re being used, you can make better decisions within the hardware lifecycle. Management Intelligence for Microsoft System Center provides information from the moment you purchase assets. The solution lets you:

  • Track assets through barcode scanning
  • Import warranty management information automatically
  • See printer consumables and know when ink or toner is low
  • Locate and map printers or other assets

Solution Capabilities

  • Software License Management
  • Agentless Infrastructure
  • Private Cloud Aggregators
  • LANDESK Asset Data Updates
  • Vendor Cloud Aggregators
  • Reseller Cloud Aggregators
  • Manufacturer Cloud Aggregators
  • Data Normalization
  • Data Standardization
  • Data Mapping Intelligence
  • Data Calculations
  • EULA Analytics
  • SmartVue Executive App
  • Barcode Scanner Integration
  • SNMP Discovery
  • Printer Management
  • Active Charts and Graphs

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