Data Analytics

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Features & Benefits

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards on
Executive Devices
  • Publish active charts and graphs to the SmartVue executive mobile app.Create and view reports on any device using reporting web portal.Create detailed Asset reports with powerful, simple-to-use filters.Provides complete report management with scheduled publishing.
  • Allows for Software Titles and Vendors selection without complex queries.
  • Reports based on End User License Agreements.
  • Demonstrates IT value to upper management and IT performance against objectives.
  • Provides relevant information on IT assets to appropriate stakeholders for better decisions.
  • Creates reports specific to your department or organization boundaries.
Software License Asset
  • Solution monitors how frequently each asset is being used.
  • Tracks specific executables without experiencing interference from patches or version upgrades.Monitor SaaS and VDI software implementations.
  • Identify any unnecessary or unused software costs.
  • See both a holistic view of your IT asset environment and a per-asset view.
Cloud Aggregators
  • Connects to cloud for:
    • Vendor – Purchasing information.
    • Software Manufacturer – Effective licenses and cost.
    • Hardware Manufacturer – Warranty and detailed description.
    • Private Cloud – Connect internally to in-house service desk, asset and financial systems.
    • LANDESK Asset Information – Bolster detail of data for each asset.
  • Life of an asset starts instantly from the moment it’s purchased from vendor
  • Offers in-depth data for each asset that other solutions don’t.
  • Increases your control from the very beginning of the asset lifecycle.
  • Helps you improve the inventory gathering, storing and reporting process.
  • Gain greater visibility into your order-to-inventory process.
Data Mapping Intelligence
  • Normalization of inconsistent data such as variations of software vendor names and titles.Standardization – Ensures all data is in the correct fields.Calculation – Uses equations to calculate complex definitions.
  • Structures asset data as desired by adding, removing and reorganizing related data fields. End User License Agreement normalization.
  • Simplifies identification and management of the software assets of each user on their various devices.
  • Saves considerable IT data administration time.
Printer Discovery &
  • Allows the discovery of SNMP printers.
  • Provides complete visibility into printer use and toner levels.
  • Alerts when printer toner levels are low or hardware errors have occurred.
  • Links to the printer’s web-console from within the Management Intelligence console
  • Complete visibility of all your IT assets.Reduces over-spending of printer toner on leased printers.
  • Identifies printer problems faster, increasing enterprise printer availability.

Management Intelligence for Microsoft System Center improves your IT organization’s ability to manage, protect and support your IT investments and maximize user productivity. It does this by giving you better visibility, reducing your risks and costs and greatly improving the quality of data and reporting in your organization.

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