Mac Management and Cross-Platform Support


Give employees the devices they want, but manage them your way with Mac Management from LANDESK.

It’s no secret that Macintosh machines continue to gain ground in the world of business. Among the key factors why are the lack of licensing cost per seat; the improved reliability, security and longevity of the hardware; plus the ease of keeping software updated. What’s more, many of the more agile, small-to-medium size organizations are taking advantage of the proven Mac technology, best practices and legendary benefits. With LANDESK® Management Solutions, your IT staff can enjoy a complete hardware and software management solution for all the users in your complex and heterogeneous network environment.


Mac management and cross-platform support just like for your PCs
Give employees the devices they want, but manage them your way. Apple Macintosh computers continue to gain ground in the business world, yet most IT departments want to manage Macs and support more platforms within the same workflows used to support Windows PCs. LANDESK provides the leading user management solution that integrates multi-platform management across Mac OS X, Linux, HP-UX, and CentOS.

Apple Mac Management and Cross-Platform Capabilities

Provide a similar user experience across devices
Deliver the same user experience for accessing applications and services from IT on any device, while integrating back-end systems, security, and service management data and processes.

Comprehensive Mac OS X management
Helps you inventory and configure systems, control them remotely, and make deployment of Mac OS updates less taxing.

Secure and patch multiple platforms
Protect data without compromising user productivity. Identify vulnerabilities across multiple platforms. Configure FileVault 2 remotely, implement antivirus, and remediate Mac vulnerabilities. Set Mac configuration policies to control passwords and what apps can run.

Platforms and servers
Discover, inventory, and report on multiple server operating systems beyond Windows servers—platforms like Linux, HP-UX, and CentOS. Identify vulnerabilities and patch systems to maintain high availability of critical services.

Mobility management
IT administrators can see and control users’ access to software, secure email, and other resources across multiple devices from a single, integrated IT management platform.


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LANDESK® Management Solutions for Macintosh

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