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Create a User-Friendly Web Access Screen

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Ever feel like your analysts and end users are speaking different languages? Incidents that seem like an emergency to users may be low in terms of overall enterprise impact.

In this LDSD tutorial, we’ll teach you how to customize the Web Access screen for your end users so what they see makes more sense to them, all while keeping things simple for the analyst.

Note: for this example we’re focusing on Incident Impact, but this same procedure can be applied to any reference table.

1. On the object designer, add the User Impact attribute. Remember that the value will be displayed in a drop-down menu. The default is set at 150 characters, but can be longer if needed.


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2. On the window manager
a) Update the end user incident window by adding the incident impact attribute.
b) On the configurable properties, select the appropriate display name for the role that will be using the screen.

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3. In administration, add new values with more details where needed.

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Here’s the final result:

What your users see

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For this example, we chose to give our end users the option to choose the impact of the incident: One User, Multiple Users, All Users.

What your analysts will see

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If both views were the same and the user had to choose from High, Medium, or Low, they may feel inclined to choose High simply because it is a very impactful condition to that user. However for the analyst, considering how impactful the incident is to the enterprise, their view is much different.

This will allow the users to have entries to which they can more easily relate. Analysts can continue to use terms to which they have become accustomed while other users will have values which will make sense to them.

This modification will lead the end user to select a realistic impact and allow the analyst to determine prioritize the incident knowledgeably.

What reference table could you modify to make simpler for your end users and analysts?

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