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Simplified Provisioning Templates with 9.6

on September 26, 2014 NAI Blog with 0 comments

LDMS 9.6 New Simplified Provisioning Template Creation

LANDESK Management Suite Provisioning - blog imageGetting started with LANDESK Management Suite Provisioning has always been an involved processes. You needed to know every step that needs to occur, and then you built your template on those steps. This usually took many attempts as we added and removed actions while testing our templates.

Now in LDMS 9.6, LANDESK has added an easier way to build templates. Follow these simple steps as we guide you through the new process of LDMS Provisioning template creation.

1. From the New Template dropdown on the Provisioning toolbar, select Deploy Template.

LANDESK Management Suite Provisioning-template1


2. Fill in the template details and select Create.

LANDESK Management Suite Provisioning template2


3. The image deploy template has now been created and is ready to customize.

LANDESK Management Suite Provisioning template4



LDMS Provisioning Templates used to take a considerable amount of energy with trial and error. Luckily, with the new LDMS 9.6 improvements, it can now be accomplished with just a few steps.

This is just one of many new enhancements to Provisioning in LDMS 9.6. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more tips and tutorials as we post them on our blog.

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