LDMS 9.6.1 Provisioning

on January 21, 2015 LANDESK, NAI Blog, Products with 0 comments

With the release of LDMS 9.6 and SP 1 LANDESK has added several features to improve the ease of use.

Creating a Provisioning template is simple, select the template you’d like, enter in the basic information then let the process build the template for you. You can let the process create a Capture, Deploy, Mac Deploy and if you want to create your own you still have the Empty template option. Once the template is complete you can add any other actions you need, for example Capture or Deploy a Profile; Device Name Prompter; Distribute Software and more.

The Product to Package Mapping and Install Mapped Software make provisioning a new computer for an employee much easier. You’ll make sure the needed software is in the monitored section of SLM; have a distribution package created, then in the Product to Package Mapping assign the distribution package to the SLM product. The process reads the previous inventory scan for the same system then installs the software.

Another cool tool is the Machine Mapping. This is useful when migrating a user from one device to another. After opening Machine Mapping you’ll drag the device that’s being replaced to the Source column, than drag the new device to the Destination column, you can set how many days this is valid for and you’re all set. Kick off the template and relax.

NAI offers both onsite as well as remote LANDESK packages to help you either upgrade to the latest version, trouble shoot issues, or train you on how to take advantages of the newer release. For questions or custom packages to fit your needs, contact us at 877-624-8311 or info@ldms.com