LANDESK Wine Tasting – Atlanta

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Are you tired of…

  • Complex and expensive upgrades?
  • Expensive costs of maintenance?
  • Continually going to your development team for every business process changes?


You’re invested in your Service Management tool, your team is basically comfortable, and the thought of time needed to make changes is just too much ….but is it?

Wouldn’t it be worth a look at a tool that requires
no codingno scriptingno Java development?

You can improve the availability and continuity of your services and the productivity of your service desk staff and users, while reducing your time-to-restoration, downtime expense, and service-related business risk.


LANDESK Service Desk

A process-driven, out-of-the box solution, delivering all the ITSM functionality expected from market-leading software. It’s easily configurable to match specific business needs without coding, and helps you move swiftly from a reactive state to a more controlled, proactive, and service-oriented posture.

Please join us on May14th at Hal’s Steakhouse in Atlanta to discuss your unique Service Management requirements and current pain points. Or contact us to schedule a free assessment in your office.


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