LANDESK User-Based Pricing

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Focus on your users, not their devices.

BYOD and the burgeoning number of employee devices exerts serious strains on IT budgets everywhere. Ideally, IT investments and ongoing costs should be more predictable, easier to track, and less risky to license. LANDESK Total User Management helps you ease the burden of BYOD and manage all aspects of end-user productivity.

The Need To Do More with Less is Escalating

As employees bring more devices onto the network each year, how can you plan for and manage the environment with little to no boost in budget or resources? Only the user-based pricing of LANDESK offers the following advantages:*

  • IT spend is more predictable
  • Simple, easy-to-follow user-based licensing
  • Purchasing is streamlined
  • Significant savings over multi-vendor solutions

IT Spend is More Predictable

Only pay for each user, no matter how many devices they use. You minimize the BYOD financial impact and control your upfront and ongoing IT costs more effectively.

The following chart illustrates the difference between user-based pricing and device-based pricing. As you can see, the long-term costs of device-based pricing are significantly higher at the end of three years.

User-Based Pricing Model

Three Years

(4 Devices/User)

1,000 Users
1,000 Maintenance x $26
Yearly Cost = $26K

3-Year Total = $172K

Device-Based Pricing Model

Three Years

(4 Devices/User)

1,000 Users
4,000 Devices
1,000 New Licenses
3,000 Maintenance x $12
Yearly Cost = $96K

3-Year Total = $300K


Simple, Easy-to-Follow User-based Licensing

A multi-vendor solution typically means licensing one particular product by user per month, another by device per year, and yet another as a server for a straight price per year. User-based licensing with LANDESK Total User Management eliminates the issues of licensing renewals, non compliance and true-ups, and exposure to unexpected fees. It’s the simplest way to purchase a solution to improve user productivity, and it’s very easy to track and maintain over time.

Purchasing is Streamlined

Often times purchasing a solution requires you to navigate relationships with several unrelated vendors, comprehend multiple quotes with dozens of product numbers and price points, and negotiate with multiple resellers and purchasing departments. With a single price per user that covers all the employee’s devices and subscriptions, LANDESK simplifes purchasing and vendor complexity. You no longer have to manage multiple contracts, renewals, and vendor relationships. Once you’ve purchased the solution, a single product key controls all products included within Total User Management.

Significant Savings over Multi-vendor Solutions

When you tally the costs associated with buying, managing, maintaining, and licensing a multi-vendor solution, not only are the initial costs higher, the ongoing vendor-related costs continue to climb year over year. You need additional IT personnel to manage and maintain the solution, plus you must include the cost of professional services and training required to implement it. Also keep in mind that managing all the relationships with the many vendors requires time. And when you need support for a problem, finger pointing among vendors often ensues. In contrast, one solution from a single vendor alleviates these costs and headaches. With LANDESK Total User Management you’ll save more money and time, help users boost their productivity, and simplify your entire ownership experience.

*Note: Numbers are for estimate purposes and are based on up-front, three-year deal from all vendors.

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