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LANDESK Service Desk

Service Desk 2016 enables end-users to engage with IT in ways they want to reduce the possibility of Shadow IT, while boosting the service desk’s ability to engage with its end users, other IT teams, and the business.

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Management Suite

LANDESK 2016 increases user and IT productivity and helps IT administrators automate software and OS deployments, fix user issues quickly, and track software assets.

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Data Analytics

Use LANDESK Data Analytics to gain a better view of all your assets, where they are, and how they’re being used. And avoid the hefty financial penalties of software licensing mistakes.

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We also provide both on-site and remote services for a variety of other products to help boost your LANDESK productivity. Give us a call and speak with one of our engineers to see how Network America can help tailor our services to suit your needs!

LANDESK Service Desk

What is new in Service Desk?

Service Desk Upgrades

Upgrade to 2016


Get the latest features and assistance with a roadmap of which features will make the most impact for your environment. Whether it be Workspaces, Knowledgebase, the Service Catalog or other enhancements, we will help you determine the right path to success!

Estimated Time: 4 hours per system to upgrade to the latest version
Additional time would need to be estimated to implement new features that require additional configuration.

Service Catalog


Simplifies the user’s interaction with the Service Desk and is presented in a familiar “shopping cart” approach. The user selects what services they would like and put this into their cart. upon “check-out” the ticket(s) with predefined processes (with authorizations as needed) are created. The automated nature of the Service Catalog eliminates any dependence on the analyst to remember every step necessary for every established request.

Estimated Time: 2 hours per service

Auto Deletion of Inactive AD Accounts


Provides for the tracking of activities related to deletion of AD accounts. Service level agreements can be used to ensure completion in a timely manner. Reports can be created for the purposes of security validation.

Estimated Time: Depends on the AD tool to be used.



Improve productivity by making your specific information available to those who can use and benefit from it. This information is available as the incident is being generated and can be listed once the description is completed. Productivity is enhanced since the analyst is provided with only information that has been proven to be effective in your environment.
Analysts gain a sense of empowerment heir lessons learned and work-arounds are published (made available). Analysts will gain a sense of collaboration when they contribute to a document.

Estimated Time: 16 hours

Self Service Portal


Users are able to raise incidents, or request services independent of analysts. Analyst time is better utilized in resolving tickets. Within the portal, users are presented with a dashboard with a list of active tickets and another list of inactive tickets.

Estimated Time: 4-8 hours (depending on additional queries/lists requested)

Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Defines expectations in terms of how quickly a raised incident should be resolved. Notification, change of color (for the ease of recognition on the dashboard), escalation, or reprioritization can be automatic. The SLA will define when (at what percentage of lapsed time) these will occur. The SLAs are typically configured as priorities and established based on the breadth of impact or urgency of the incident. Many other attributes are available for use as a basis of determining the priority and subsequent SLA of a ticket.

Estimated Time: 8 hours

Dynamic Forms


Forms can be customized to display (or require) only attributes (fields) which are necessary to complete an specific type of incident, based on data collected on that form. There is no need to present all attributes used by an organization for every incident, IF only certain attributes are relevant to a department. This improves an analyst’s use of their time by not having to decide which attributes are important (or required) for completion. It can also greatly assist with reporting, since attributes can also be defined as required, ensuring all important information is collected.

Estimated Time: 4-8 hours (depending on the number of attributes affected)



The process of onboarding staff can include a number of steps which could be well defined within the organization. In those cases where the process is not well defined, there is a possibility that steps are missed which adversely affect the ability of the new employee to perform their tasks.

Offboarding can leave serious security gaps if access is not removed. The defined offboarding process will ensure access to all resources is removed, thus ensuring the security of your systems.

Estimated Time: 4-8 hours (depending on the number of groups to be notified/involved)



Dashboards present all users with one version of the truth. The data presented is live, and dashboards are updated as the tickets are updated (depending on system settings). End users are presented only with information on their tickets. Analysts are presented with tickets created for others where they are directly responsible as the assignee, or indirectly as a member of the group to which the incident is assigned.

Dashboards can be extended to management so they have visibility into the state of their Service Desk and the status of various tickets. They will know the effectiveness of groups and the number of tickets completed by their analysts. The dashboard can be built to provide ticket counts by category/type (or a variety of different attributes, even in combination) of the ticket.

Estimated Time: 4-8 hours (depending on the queries requested)

Ready to upgrade your Service Desk?
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LANDESK Management Suite

What is Management Suite?

Why Upgrade?

Take advantage of all that’s offered by running an x64 application on an x64 operating system.

Time Zone Aware Targeting for Distribution Tasks
Allows each client runs tasks at a specific time local to the device. If you have devices in different time zones; for example the company maintenance window is 10 PM local, you can schedule the job once to run in the local time.

Enhanced OS Provisioning
You can now create provisioning templates in just a few clicks, compared to the multiple step process in 9.5.

Manage your Mac more efficiently
Management Suite now provides central FileVault 2 configuration, HTML 5 browser-based remote control from the login and improved Mac patching.

No more upgrading the Agent
After the LANDESK agent is installed it will now automatically self-updates and self-heals.

Options to help with upgrade

Network America can evaluate the current LDMS install, and then make recommendations on the best upgrade path.

If you’ve decided to install LDMS on a new server, we’ll help you with the LDMS configurations we well as moving your data to the new server.

If you’re upgrading your existing LDMS server, let us help you back up the data. After the upgrade we’ll work with you to import the data, reducing the down time.

Custom Built Hardware Independent Library


There are hundreds of drivers as well as bundles of drivers for devices; some of those drivers may not be the best for your devices. We can help you put together a library of the Correct drivers for you devices.

Estimated Time: 6 to 8 hours depending on number of manufactures and models in the environment

Convert Operating System Deployment Scripts to Provisioning Scripts


NAI offers custom packages to help convert your existing OS/D scripts into 9.6 Provisioning scripts

Estimated Time: 4 hours for 6 OS/D scripts

Configure Preferred Severs


Help improve your overall bandwidth, take advantage of using preferred servers to streamline the software / patching / provisioning process, improving overall bandwidth usage.

Estimated Time: 2 hours per preferred server

LANDESK Data Analytics

What is Data Analytics?

Build Custom Data Analytics Rules


Need additional information added to the inventory of a device? Let us help by creating custom rules to add the attribute’s needed, as well as build rules to run as inventory comes in or on a scheduled basis.

Estimated Time: 1 hour per rule

Data Analytics Best Practices


How to use Data Analytics Discovery Service to discover network devices like printers, switches, cameras, copiers, etc. Track printer’s statistics showing toner levels, pages printed, drum life etc. Generating custom reports using Data Analytics.

Estimated Time: 6 hours

Ready to upgrade your LANDESK Management Suite or Data Analytics?

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to come up with a solution that works for you.