LANDESK Service Desk


Announcing LANDESK Service Desk 2016

LANDESK Service Desk 2016 helps you modernize your IT with user-centered solutions that make your service management teams and business users more productive while providing exceptional user experiences.

Highlights of LANDESK Service Desk 2016 include:

LANDESK Workspaces

A main focus this year has been driving forward the functionality of LANDESK Workspaces to further our goal of improving productivity with exceptional user experiences.

LANDESK Workspaces delivers an intuitive, role-driven experience that streamlines and integrates the data and IT analyst tools needed for their role. In addition, it provides visually appealing experience for end-users to obtain needed IT resources, through access to self-service and service catalog.

Modifying saved records in Workspaces

The functionality of Workspaces has been extended to enable service management professionals to do most of their day-to-day work using the application. Previously using Workspaces, you could only create new records or perform process actions on processes. As part of our continuous improvement of Workspaces, you can now also modify and update fields on saved process windows.

User interface improvements for Workspaces

The user interface for LANDESK Workspaces has been updated and improved to make it easier and more rewarding to use. Visual changes supported in both browser and native app include:

  • Improved appearance of Service Desk forms in Workspaces.
  • Standalone labels, Date/time, Boolean, attachment, and multi-attachment controls.
  • A toolbar for HTML fields to enable text formatting, hyperlinks and images. This includes the ability to copy/paste images into HTML fields in Workspaces.
  • The ability to change the background and logo images used in Workspaces

Dynamic windows in Workspaces

The dynamic windows feature of Service Desk is now available in LANDESK Workspaces providing an improved user experience. It automatically sets whether a field on a window is visible/hidden, mandatory/optional, read-only/edit, based on values selected elsewhere on the window. This includes support for Group Box visible/hidden if all fields contained are hidden.

Service Catalog improvements in Workspaces

Continuous improvement of Service Catalog in Workspaces, led by customer feedback, has driven a number of changes targeted at making it more appealing to end-users to help you drive the usage and adoption rate.

  • Services recommended by IT are now highlighted in Service Catalog, helping end-users to find the items they require more easily.
  • Catalog tiles expand on clicking to show more detailed information about the service, helping users to identify the appropriate service for their needs.
  • Icons or images can now be set at the top level Category view of the Service Catalog.

Displaying User and Device Profile pages in LANDESK Workspaces

Customers that have installed and configured both LANDESK Service Desk and LANDESK Management Suite to work on the BridgeIT platform benefit from enhanced integration. You can now access User and Device Profile pages from in-context links within LANDESK Workspaces.

Shibboleth authentication

Support for single-sign on authentication using Shibboleth has been added for Workspaces.

Knowledge Management and SnapIT

New features added to knowledge management capabilities enable a richer and more modern experience that users have come to expect at work. At the same time a number of these enhancements enable improvements in the management of knowledge and the productivity of analysts.

You now have more control over knowledge searching in Web Access and knowledge article creation, plus the provision of a more powerful multi-lingual knowledge search improves knowledge discovery for analysts and end users.

More configurable searching in Web Access

Control over how search works in Web Desk and Self Service.

You now have more control over how the Search toolbar in Web Access works. In Web Desk, you can show or hide the toolbar, and also specify whether the search bar lets users search for IDs, text, or both. In Web Access Self Service you can choose to show or hide the toolbar.

New Knowledge features and article versioning

Knowledge Assignment, Tasks, SLAs and versioning for improved knowledge management.

Service Desk 2016 simplifies and speeds up the creation of knowledge articles by enabling you to design a knowledge process that includes assignments, notes, tasks, and reminders. You can also apply service levels to articles to ensure they are created in the timely manner – including support for Stop/Start the Clock and complex SLA and OLA behavior. Plus you can use the same automatic or managed version control strategies for articles as you can use for CIs.

Service Desk helps you to keep your knowledge system in step with modern service management techniques. By offering knowledge that is ready ahead of time you can reduce calls to the service desk and maximize staff productivity.

Creating and transferring new modules

Extend the users of your system into new business areas beyond IT.

The Service Desk database comprises a number of different modules that correspond to different usage purposes. For example, there are modules for Incident Management, Request Management, and so on. Each of these modules contains business objects that you use to capture information and a top-level object that you can create processes for. In Service Desk 2016, you can create new modules to your Service Desk database to support additional business needs in your organization. For example, using Object Designer, you can now add a Facilities Management module.

Modules are also now portable. In Service Desk 2016, enhancements to Design Transfer now allow you to export or import complete Modules, allowing easy transfer between Service Desk instances. In addition, you can also lock modules, allowing a module to be modified in another instance and then update/replaced to the locked original.

LANDESK Design App Store

The LANDESK Design App Store gives customers an easy to find, visually appealing catalog style view of all the LANDESK Design Apps. A customer of Service Desk can search and download a Design App to add more value to their existing system. Design Apps enables you quickly introduce innovative or advanced capabilities into your service management environment such as SnapIT knowledge capabilities, project portfolio management and gamification.


More Information about 2016

Please refer to the document What’s New in LANDESK Service Desk for the complete list of features and enhancements.


Accessing LANDESK Service Desk 2016

Customers and partners of Service Desk can access the On-Premise version via the download area on the Community. To gain access to this area, they must be registered and logged in.



2016 is an in-place install and upgrade—a supporting installation and database upgrade on top of an existing LANDESK Service Desk instance. No uninstall is required. The Cloud platform is updated for your customers of LANDESK Service Desk as a Service in line with Cloud Operations procedures and communications.


End of Life

LANDESK Service Desk 2016 replaces 7.8.3 as the next available release, but the End of Life policy does not change with this release. Please refer to the Customer Support End of Life web page for the most up-to-date schedule.



LANDESK Service Desk customers will receive an email notification from their local LANDESK marketing teams about this release. In addition, a notice will be posted to the online customer community when the release is available for download.


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