LANDESK Power Manager


LANDESK Power Manager delivers the tools necessary to conduct prudent power management of networked PCs and balance the tradeoffs between power savings and system availability. This easy to deploy solution allows you to quickly create sophisticated power management policies and deploy them reliably across the network. These policies help reduce energy consumption and costs that can lead to significant savings.

With LANDESK Power Manager, you get a simple-to-use interface with local scheduling capability to easily create and configure power policies and settings. You can then deploy your power policies automatically based on group policies, location, or a variety of other ways that are appropriate to your organization. The solution also features “chronological variability” that enables you to set management policies that can vary by hour of the day and day of the week.

LANDESK Power Manager is a fast and easy way to deploy solution that delivers:

  • Immediate and genuine ROI for Green IT initiatives.
  • Energy savings of $10 to $20/year per machine (computer and monitor) for organizations that don’t currently have power management policies in place.
  • Custom wattage estimates—you can assign customized wattage consumption estimates to specific types of systems, facilitating high degrees of accuracy.
  • Comprehensive reporting—displays the percentage of power saved, the kilowatt hours saved, and the dollars saved. You can estimate power savings before deploying a policy, easily document power savings, and provide accurate reports to management.

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