LANDESK Patch Manager

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Up with Security Threats and Patches

Companies have long recognized the necessity of patching operating systems. However, today the majority of malware attacks exploit application vulnerabilities. That’s why we created LANDESK Patch Manager. This invaluable subscription service automates vulnerability assessment and patch management for both operating systems and applications—even in wildly heterogeneous environments—and then remediates them within minutes so your IT department guarantees baseline security, stability, and performance.

What Can LANDESK Patch Manager Do For You?

Boost productivity and reduce headaches by quickly evaluating systems with active vulnerability scanning

  • Maximize peace of mind by using industry-standard information sources to identify vulnerabilites
  • Gain control with a single tool to research, review and download available patches
  • Increase system uptime and user satisfaction by efficiently remediating known vulverabilities through automated targeting and patch distribution
  • Automate patch deployment using the Parallel Patch Process in LANDESK Process Manager
  • Automatically maintain patch currency and save time by establishing active patch management policies


  • Enables you to set behaviors at agent deployment that determine when the vulnerability scanner runs, how required reboots are handled, and whether autofix is enabled
  • Performs vulnerability assessment using industry-standard information sources
  • Lets you prioritize patch severity for added control
  • Includes custom vulnerability definitions that let you support your own application, policy, or security needs
  • Checks multiple data sources for vulnerability information to help ensure that you get accurate patches for your enterprise systems
  • Lets you decide when necessary tasks are performed with assessment and distribution scheduling
  • Notifies you by email or pager when a vulnerability is detected and/or a new definition is downloaded
  • Includes a CPU utilization control for ‘vulscan’ in scan and repair settings


  • Shows you which patches depend on each other so you know what new vulnerabilities a patch might introduce
  • Lets you filter out older, obsolete patches, speeding the time to a fully patched state; obsolete patches remain available if needed
  • Automates patch deployment using the Parallel Patch Process functionality in LANDESK Process Manager
  • Offers multiple delivery options—including scheduled tasks, policy, and autofix—to give you control over remediation; use options alone or in combination to fix current vulnerabilities and ensure future patch security
  • Uses endpoint reboot logic to let you choose what works best for your environment—snooze, custom messages, or unattended; display messages to give users control of when patches are installed and whether to reboot or snooze

Comprehensive Control

  • Delivers scalable architecture that leverages your existing hardware to improve ROI
  • Lets users create and edit settings to gain control over client feedback, repair options, bandwidth usage, and more
  • Displays all patches installed on a client—whether they’re installed by LANDESK or another product
  • Enables easy rollback for any patch available from the LANDESK patch management database, regardless of whether they were distributed using LANDESK Patch Manager or another tool

Analysis, Reporting, Compliance and Alerting

  • Includes reports on custom vulnerabilities, LANDESK updates, custom patch installations, and scanned and repaired patch histories, patch levels, and more; trending analysis also lets you evaluate progress toward corporate or industry security policies
  • Provides real-time alerts for security breaches and provides control over which vulnerabilities you receive alerts for; lets you choose to receive alerts on newly available definitions based on type and severity, and if new definitions are downloaded
  • Makes vulnerability reports available from the Web console for added convenience
  • Enables you to assess and enforce alignment with compliance standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), SANS, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and more

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