LANDESK Inventory Manager


LANDESK Inventory Manager – Asset Intelligence You Can Depend On

LANDESK Inventory Manager helps you turn raw data into pure business intelligence. Besides using it to automate key IT asset management tasks, you can use it to:

  • Control costs and increase efficiency by knowing what you have, where it is, and how it’s being used
  • Gain the power and agility to demonstrate asset and license compliance with active device discovery and inventory, easy database query, and powerful reporting tools
  • Respond to audit requirements and reduce the risk of litigation by easily gathering, tracking, and reporting on hardware, software, and service use throughout the enterprise
  • Increase efficiency and improve planning with extensive business intelligence reporting

Control Costs and Increase Efficiency

You’d be surprised how many companies have no idea how many software and hardware assets they have—let alone how many of them are actually being used. And that’s one of the biggest reasons LANDESK customers love our products. LANDESK Inventory Manager helps your enterprise see, monitor, and maintain inventory so you can stop paying for software licenses no one uses and make sure you’re properly licensed for those that are necessary. It enables you to discover any managed or unmanaged IP-enabled device on the network, and you can even find misplaced or forgotten computers, printers, and routers. And LANDESK’s extended device discovery (XDD) gives you a scalable discovery process for real-time, subnet-level tracking of unmanaged networked devices—even if they have a firewall enabled.

Inventory Scanner

  • Provides a scalable discovery process for real-time, subnet-level tracking of unmanaged networked devices — even those with a firewall enabled
  • Supports SMBIOS 2.1 or newer to gather detailed hardware information, including expanded slot description, memory configuration, and network adaptor configuration
  • Gathers extended plug-and-play monitor data, including secondary monitor information, size, manufacturer’s name, year of manufacture, docking station, multiport video cards, and vendor ID
  • Extracts detailed asset-tag and serial-number information, as well as embedded pointing device, fixed drive, and CD-ROM data
  • Provides multithreaded inventory service performance that’s significantly more efficient than other options, and lets you use between one and eight threads
  • Allows data collection and insertion to be offloaded to a server other than the core for increased efficiency


  • Provides thumbnail views of up to four reports for immediate access to inventory and status information through an intuitive report dashboard
  • Lets you schedule and automatically generate reports in HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF, and XLS formats, and then publish those reports to a file share for improved access to current data
  • Allows you to e-mail generated reports to an individual or groups of console users; automatically applies each user’s scope to filter out inapplicable information and increase relevance and accessibility

Automation and More

  • Provides fully integrated handheld device support
  • Includes a client deployment tool for extended control over how agents are deployed
  • Includes LANDESK Updates technology, which enables you to automatically updateLANDesk management components
  • Keeps your managed environment on track with Agent Watcher, which restarts downed agents, restores renamed agents to their original state, and alerts you when users remove or tamper with an agent

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