LANDESK Health Check and Training

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LANDESK Health Check and Training Agenda

Network America deploys LANDESK engineering expertise for customers that want to quickly update their environment and their staff. This recommended 5 day hands-on program is specifically designed to expand skill sets through labs and exercises that utilize their daily environment. This combination ensures that LANDESK users quickly become comfortable as they expand their capabilities to support end-users and streamline their environment.

This recommended 5 day hands-on program is designed for your staff to expand their skills through labs and exercises. We’ve designed the program to allow them to use your equipment and work from your core server. If you’re planning to rollout Microsoft Office, during the Software Distribution class we’ll build the software package to do that for you.

We also understand the requirements your staff has for supporting your clients. We can create a customized Health Check and Training to meet your needs. Day 1 would be the LANDESK Environment Health Check. Day 2 or more would be the specific training for your staff. For example, if your Helpdesk needs Remote Control and Software Distribution, but you can’t pull everyone from the phones; we can do two, two hour classes, pulling only half of the Helpdesk from the phones.

What you get

On day 1 your LANDESK environment gets a Health Check. Working with your LANDESK Administrator, we’ll start at the top and work through your core and database server. We’ll make sure it’s up to date and tuned up for the demands of your environment.

  • We’ll continue with the hands-on training of your staff, using labs and exercises designed to give them in-depth knowledge of your LANDESK v9 infrastructure
  • Configuration of Inventory process to retrieve the data you want
  • Power Management setup for centralized control of when you want the devices to turn on and off
  • Creating Software Distribution packages that are on your project list
  • Centralized management of Antivirus definitions
  • Configuration and Deployment of a PC image via Operating System deployment
  • Custom Reporting and Software Compliance

Complete Peace of Mind!

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