LANDESK Data Analytics


Data Analytics: Take control of your IT assets

LANDESK Data Analytics can help you:

  • Uncover savings through hardware and software usage tracking
  • Make smart decisions on purchasing, licensing and upgrades
  • Gain control of the inventory of PCs, routers, scanners, printers and more
  • Increase asset inventory accuracy to ensure compliance with service level agreements
  • Enhance performance of software and hardware assets
  • Reduce audit risk through standardization, proper documentation, usage and reporting
  • Record purchase history and retire or renew assets
Improve Decision Making, Reduce Compliance Risks, Optimize Expenses and Increase End-User Productivity with Data Analytics for SCCM >

Save time, money, and eliminate headaches by using LANDESK Data Analytics to manage all of your software and hardware assets.
Industry research shows that 30% of organizations consider their IT Asset Management in a state of chaos, while 45% are considered to be in a reactionary mode. An investment of 2% to 3% in an effective Asset Management software solution could result in a 30% ROI in the first year of ownership.

Innovative Approach to Managing IT Assets

Organizations can leverage a proven data analytics management solution to optimize expenses and increase end-user productivity. LANDESK® Data Analytics provides complete visibility of your hardware and software assets from the point of purchase through retirement—improving the availability and profitability of your strategic IT assets.

How does my organization benefit?

  • Visibility from the Start – Gain insight into all software and hardware assets from the point of purchase.
  • Drive Down Cost – Prevent over-spending on software and hardware assets.
  • Improve IT Governance – Manage the complete lifecycle of hardware and software assets from the beginning of life to retirement.


Business-to-Business Connectors (B2B)

  • Reduces “renegade” purchasing.
  • Eliminates unnecessary acquisitions.
  • Automates purchase tracking.
  • Enters important information into your system automatically at the time of purchase.


Asset Tracking

  • Agentless asset lifecycle tracking.
  • Real-time collection of asset data from devices.
  • Software and hardware usage.
  • Location mapping.


Device Status and Tracking

Publicize and track an asset as “out-of-service,” or in another state such as “back-in-service.”

Data Normalization and Customization

Data translation rules normalize IT assets automatically. Customizable fields let you view specific asset data. Through executable configuration, assets are accurately monitored without interference from patching or upgrades.

Management Intelligence for Microsoft® System Center (SCCM)

  • Compares and normalizes the individual software titles that the SCCM inventory scanner finds against the standard EULA of the industry’s top vendors.
  • In a single solution, Management Intelligence for SCCM accomplishes what normally takes three separate add-ons to accomplish with SCCM, providing greater value at a lower cost.


User Productivity and Compliance

  • Helps you maintain software license compliance by accurately monitoring and maintaining software usage information.
  • Provides visibility of all assets from the point of purchase.
  • Complete end-to-end visibility.


Reduce Software Cost

  • Make informed decisions about where and when to add software licenses.
  • Save money by negotiating more effectively with asset vendors and only purchasing what you need.


Effective IT Asset Retirement

Know what to buy—and when to buy it. Manage end-of-life initiatives through the monitoring of warranty expiration dates and ultimately archiving asset records to a central repository.

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