LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance

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LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance

Manage Your Hardware and Software Assets

Manage and Protect Mobile Users and Distributed Offices

Today’s users are more mobile and businesses are more distributed than ever. So how can an industry-leading Cloud Services Appliance from LANDESK make it easier to manage and protect mobile users and distributed offices?

Complete Anytime, Anywhere Management Access to Mobile Users and Distributed Sites

Use the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance to manage and secure systems anytime, anywhere—whether your users’ systems are at your location, in an office across town, or somewhere across the country or around the world.

Patent-pending technology lets you use any existing Internet connection at remote offices or locations. Use this cloud appliance, LANDESK Management Suite and LANDESK Security Suite to:

  • Gather inventory for all IT assets
  • Perform secure remote control
  • Distribute software and operating systems
  • Provide vulnerability scans
  • Conduct software license management
  • Perform patch management
  • Run security threat management
  • Take action with a long list of other security and management capabilities


Why LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance

Provide Unprecedented, Internet-based Security Management

  • No need for VPN or dedicated leased line
  • Uses certificate-based authentication and SSL encryption for secure connections
  • Doesn’t require “punching holes” in your corporate firewall
  • Is FIPS 140-2 LANDESK Data In Motion enabled
  • Enabled for secure HTML5 remote control with FIPS compatibility
  • Application and device control
  • User location-aware policies


Key Capabilities

Top NEW Features in Cloud Services Appliance with 9.5 SP1

  • Scalable 64-bit Linux architecture running on CentOS 6
  • Software license management (automated license reclamation)
  • User-based views
  • Enhanced Mac OS X management
  • vPro with AMT vPro integration
  • CentOS 6 x 64 OS support
  • AIX 6.3 and 7.1 support
  • FIPS 140-2 LANDESK Data In Motion encryption enabled
  • Wake-on-WAN
  • HTML5 remote control (FIPS security enabled)

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