LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite

Know your assets inside and out with IT hardware and software management

Reclaim unused software, respond faster to software audits, track lifecycle processes, and optimize your hardware and software investments.

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What is LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite?

Imagine software compliance, license entitlement, software and hardware discovery, asset lifecycle management, and financial management—all integrated into a single solution. With the IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite you can visualize your ROI through a clean, business-value interface.

The solution enables you to know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle. You can reduce software overspend and eliminate unnecessary and redundant licenses. Plus you can implement automated processes to improve efficiencies and reveal more usable data on-demand.

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Key IT asset management solutions

LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite encompasses two key solutions: 1) Asset Central, designed to manage the life of your hardware and software from purchase through to disposal; and 2) Asset Intelligence, a product built to discover and inventory owned hardware and software, connect with vendors to monitor new purchases, and track the software usage.

When combined, Asset Central and Asset Intelligence deliver a complete view of your IT asset management position in a single ITAM Suite.

LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite capabilities


Asset Central

Define and manage the life of your hardware and software assets with automated out-of-the-box processes that increase organizational efficiencies.


Asset Intelligence

Monitor how your end users interact with software to ensure compliance, spend effectively on needed assets, and curb overspending.


Asset Management for Government Agencies

Protect valuable technology resources from financial and security threats by monitoring the hardware and software in your IT environment.


Asset Manager Workspace

Your IT asset managers gain intelligent visibility via an infographic-style interface to visualize ROI and identify unused software for reclamation.

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