LANDESK Asset Central

Lifecycle Management for Total Asset Optimization

Your IT environment is a complex machine of working “parts” that require updates, maintenance, and refreshing. Tracking those parts, or IT assets, from purchase through allocation and usage and eventually to disposal, ensures your assets are performing at maximum capacity. Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and budget constraints, as well as a complete picture of where your assets are at all times throughout their lifecycles.

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What is LANDESK Asset Central?

Asset Central lets you define and manage the life of your hardware and software assets, helping you gain the most from your IT investments. Anticipate and intelligently schedule hardware and software purchases, and monitor contract, lease, and warranty information automatically. The solution delivers out-of-the-box processes to automate a comprehensive set of workflows—accelerating productivity and improving efficiency. Asset Central is available on-premise and in the cloud.

The solution’s configurable design enables you to define and follow your own workflows for asset lifecycles, along with your outlined management processes. Whether managing software, hardware, server, client, virtual, or physical or cloud assets, Asset Central affords you a single, complete view of your IT asset management position.

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LANDESK Asset Central capabilities


Self Service and Asset Request Catalog

Enable your end users to interact with their IT hardware and software assets from request through allocation and removal.


Simple asset lifecycle tracking

Track your assets from purchase through retirement by following automated processes for ordering, preparing, assigning, and disposing of hardware and software assets.


Intelligent hardware management

Automatically import and track refresh, warranty, lease, and contractual information, along with recall data for assets like batteries, printer toner, and other consumables.


Complete software visibility

Provide software to the right people at the right time. Go further, by tracking software installs on devices to curb software overspending or underspending.


Planned calendaring and scheduling

Knowing the lifecycle status of your assets helps you understand what’s going on in your IT environment so you can budget for and understand your business needs.


Valuable reclamation capabilities

Reclaim and recover unused software licenses automatically while maintaining control by targeting or avoiding specific users or user groups.


Workspaces for the IT Asset Manager

Your IT Asset Managers gain intelligent visibility via an infographic-style interface to visualize ROI and identify unused software for reclamation.


Painless integration

Whether you use LANDESK Unified Endpoint, Security, or Service Management tools, or solutions from other vendors, LANDESK Asset Central provides the vital connection between discovery, servers, endpoints, and agreed levels of service.

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