LANDESK Application Virtualization


LANDESK and Thinstall Inc. have teamed up to provide customers with both a best of breed enterprise management solution and cutting edge application virtualization technology. Thinstall’s Virtualization Suite has been OEM’ed by LANDESK and under the name LANDESK Application Virtualization and is the perfect addition to LANDESK’s Management Solutions for the enterprise.

Customer Advantage

Ease of use and versatility are just two of the praises offered to both the Thinstall Virtualization Suite and LANDESK Management Suite. With both sharing a low cost of ownership and short implementation this partnership provides customers the ability to integrate effective change control policies and increase security easily and effectively with a very short ROI.

LANDESK Application Virtualization enables administrators to create and distribute a tested, virtualized application in mere minutes. Utilizing LANDESK’s and Thinstall’s two technologies together; customers can effectively manage and distribute applications without many of the usual burdens. Leveraging virtualized applications, IT departments can eliminate the costs and expenses associated with regression testing, improve application mobility and easily manage both upgrades and licensing without major changes or upgrades to their existing environment.

What if I am already a LANDESK customer?

LANDESK Application Virtualization solution integrates into the LANDESK existing offerings so existing LANDESK customers can begin to see immediate benefits by merely changing the way they think about deploying applications.

Application deployment strategy now becomes just that – a deployment strategy instead of an install strategy. No longer will applications need to go through rigorous regression testing.

Upgrading an application no longer means months of testing and training because the old version must be “decommissioned”. A LANDESK Application Virtualization solution enables administrator to deploy and manage applications as a single file while utilizing LANDESK to ensure all aspects of both compliance and licensing are met.

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