Client Systems Management

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Simplify IT Management with Lifecycle Management Software

Workforce size and mobility make it difficult to accurately manage all of your organization’s hardware and software assets.

LANDESK® Management Suite combines powerful tools that give you the control and flexibility you need to manage all of your IT assets—all from one easy-to-use interface. It enables you to discover devices in your network and store information on its configurations, OS, processor speed, installed memory, hard drive capacity, loaded applications, and more in a central database. This information helps you optimize the systems under your umbrella. Combined with impressive reporting features, you have all you need to thoroughly prepare for audits.

LANDESK Management Suite includes gateway technology that makes it a piece of cake to manage each system—whether it’s at headquarters or on the other side of the world—based on the system’s unique needs. And if ever there’s a problem, simply launch a remote session to quickly resolve it and keep customers productive.
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