Ask an Engineer: Randomizing tasks in LANDESK Agent Configuration

on November 25, 2013 NAI Blog with 0 comments

One of the most common scenarios I see when I work with an environment that was set up without assistance is that the agent LANDESK Local Scheduler is left at the default configuration. The issue with this is that when you launch the Agent configuration tool the Local Scheduler is stamped the time of configuration on every task it performs. This can cause the LANDESK Core server to become overwhelmed and even the network to become flooded with activity. The best practice would be to at least stagger the time that each task starts. Yet even if we stagger the tasks every machine with this agent will start its tasks at the same time.

I like to take the configuration a step farther and take advantage of the scheduler’s ability to randomize its tasks. To randomize the Local Scheduler’s tasks you just need to set a time range in the Agent configuration in each location that is applicable in your environment. At minimum change this setting in the “Inventory Scanner”, “Policy Options”, and “Patch and compliance scan” sections. This configuration will randomize when the agent performs these tasks thus reducing the impact on your server and network.