Add LANDESK SmartVue Tablet Dashboard FREE

on December 22, 2012 LANDESK, News with 0 comments

IT departments need a simple view of their environment so they know what’s happening at any given moment. Not only do they need to understand their data, but they also need to access it anywhere at any time.
That’s where LANDESK SmartVue comes in.

SmartVue is a tablet-based application that provides dynamic, customizable dashboards of LANDESK performance across many LANDESK products. It gives IT departments a real-time view of what’s happening in their IT environment based on time and location. Because SmartVue runs on a tablet or Smartphone, any business executive can now see the value of IT in the organization.

SmartVue is a free app that’s available for people running LDMS or LDSS 9.5. Just fill out the form on this page to start your download.

Areas of SmartVue Analysis include:

  • Patch Management
  • Software License Management
  • Global Device Information
  • Software Distribution
  • Provisioning
  • Service Desk
  • Anti-Virus
  • Data Analytics
  • Power Management
  • Operating Systems

Get started using LANDESK SmartVue today. Fill out the form and you can start viewing actionable data from many of LANDESKs products. See how easy it is to access and interpret your data. Fill out the form to start using LANDESK SmartVue today.

Problems Solved

  • Instant access to product performance data on any iOS 6 device
  • Define and configure your own default view of available widgets
  • Filter data based on time blocks and/or their location
  • Easily share data as an HTML email or PDF style report.

Key Benefits

  • Provide clarity and visualization of LANDESK Management and Security Suite data
  • Effectively identify, track and trend what has been done in my environment
  • Proactively identify and apply corrective measures based on visual data within the application
  • Identify and correct trends before they become an issue
  • Promotes greater business insight, more informed decision making and better results
  • Quickly creates detailed, accurate and analytical reports