LANDESK Services Special 8 Hour LDMS 2016 Remote Upgrade

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Are you running LANDESK 9.5 or 9.6 and need to upgrade to 2016?

Overwhelmed by all of the changes?

Our LANDESK Service specials can get you back on track, quickly and affordably.

    • Install and configure the LANDESK 2016 software, a clean install, this is a new install not an upgrade.


    • Configure the agent. The 2016 has changes to improve performance and allow you to change many of the settings without re-deploying or updating the agent itself. Inside the agent are connections to the agent settings for inventory, client Connectivity, self-extracting subnet service, reboot options and distribution and patching to name a few. We will help you understand how the agent settings work with the agent and help you configure the agent and agent settings for your environment. Next we will help you deploy the new agent to five devices.


    • LANDESK’s ‘Workspaces’ which is built on a new web-based platform on which workspaces for all the different user types in your organization will exist. The platform is deliberately designed to match common web standards in terms of appearance and functionality, and is fully responsive so can be used across a range of devices while still presenting the data in an appropriate way. We’ll help you configure workspaces for the end user as well as the IT analyst.


    • Rollout projects are a simplified method for managing vulnerability patching or software distribution. A rollout project is a set of steps to automate deployment. For each step, you can perform actions (such as a scheduled task), set criteria for when the content should move to the next step (such as an 80% success rate), and send notification emails. The software distribution delivery methods are now incorporated into the agent. We will help you start the migration process from your current version to the 2016 version. We will help you convert two software distribution packages to 2016.


    • Provisioning is always improving; we will help you understand the process, then walk you through the provisioning templates as well as the HII driver management and the machine mapping.


    • Chose either data analytics or software license monitoring:
        • Software License Monitoring – we will review the concepts of how to organize the licenses in a logical view as well as help you create two software titles for monitoring and licensing


        • Data Analytics – we will review all of the rules you have setup in the active folder. Suggest any changes that will improve the performance for your environment. Review the B2B connectors with you. If you import data via a CSV file, we will review one import to ensure the data is being imported to the correct location. Review reporting within data analytics.


    • At the completion of the 8-hours, we’ll conduct a complete knowledge transfer.


With the 8 hour JumpStart you get all of this and more.

Network America’s 8 Hour LDMS 2016 Remote Upgrade is $1,395*

*Purchased by Oct 31, 2016 and work performed by Dec 31,2016

Contact us today to book your upgrade.